"This year,I grew a bunch of eggplants,八个西红柿,还有几株智利胡椒高抬升床,请特拉扎planters and a3×6凸起床.我明年读过,我不应该像今年一样把它们种在同一个地方。小空间园丁该怎么办?”

有理想的世界,then there's reality.你是对的;rotating crops minimizes pest problems and avoids nutrient deficiencies (among other things).However,it's not necessary to remove all the soil in their beds or planters.相反,重点恢复现有土壤,防止疾病的蔓延。

At season's end,remove all of the spent plant material.This includes plant foliage and roots.不要等到该重新播种了。Compost the healthy stuff;toss diseased or insect-affected material in the trash.If you're feeling ambitious,种植覆盖作物,such as winter rye or winter wheat,培养有益的微生物,帮助控制疾病病原体。

Before you plant again,在剩余的土壤中添加大量富含微生物的有机物。Good options areWorm Power,请容器增压器混合和堆肥。Another good addition is granular,缓释肥料,比如我们的All-Purpose Fertilizer或者特定作物的混合物,比如我们的有机番茄肥.

如果有已知的,soil-borne pest that's caused trouble with your crops in the past,准备好在新的季节里控制住它。

成功的另一个关键:在整个生长季节定期施肥。最“盆栽土”is blended to ensure good drainage,当你种植在任何一种容器或凸起的床上时,这是至关重要的。即使你在种植的时候添加了缓释肥料,大多数作物在整个生长季节都能通过水溶性肥料的定期喂养而受益,such as植物保健.